What is computer expertise

What is computer expertise

It is very likely that at some point you have read, heard news or visited a website that talks about computer expertise, however it may happen to you like many people, who still do not know what it is and how it can help them on some occasion in his life. With the massive use of digital, fixed and mobile devices, it is important for every user to know what computer expertise is and what it is for.

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What is computer expertise

What is computer expertise

Computer expertise is known to the investigation process that aims to obtain a computer proof of application in a judicial matter. That is, evidence related to the computer or cybernetic field presented in a judicial process so that the judge, taking it into account, can decide on the guilt or innocence of the accused.

But it is not only in the judicial sphere that a computer expert can present the results of an investigation. This can also be requested by an individual in relation to a private matter, in which he seeks solid and well-founded evidence and arguments on a specific issue, even if it is not related to a criminal matter.

The person who carries out this process is a computer expert and in order to practice as such, they must prove that they have passed a specific training. The methodology to carry out the IT expertise involves different procedures that include the identification of IT evidence, the acquisition of evidence, preserving it without altering it, and its analysis, among others.

8 examples of uses of computer expertise

This computer forensic service has many specific uses in both the judicial and private spheres. These are just 8 examples in which a person may have to turn to these types of professionals and services.

1.- In cases of industrial or business espionage

It occurs when it is suspected that someone has illegally accessed the devices to obtain information related to a company or an industrial innovation on which a person worked. Also to obtain evidence that an employee has passed sensitive information about the company to competitors by accessing it through computer means or supplying it through computer devices.

2.- Frauds and scams on the internet

If you have been the victim of a scam or fraud through the internet you will need to prove it with the help of a computer expert.

3.- Threats through the network

If you have received threats online, in your email, on social networks or through WhatsApp, for example.

4.- Infringements of patents and intellectual property rights

This is the case, among others, of the pirating of books or films that have valid intellectual property rights.

5.- Crimes against honor committed on the internet

Insults, insults or slander propagated in it and other humiliating acts against a person committed and propagated by cybernetic means.

6.- Harassment on the net

This includes different forms of harassment, although the most common are school bullying and workplace bullying as well as sexual harassment.

7.- Detection of spyware

Both on mobile phones, tablets or computers.

8.- Theft of files and crimes against privacy

The most frequent case is when personal information is obtained or intimate photographs are stolen to misuse them, such as sharing them with third parties or posting them on a web page for others to see.

Now that you know what computer expertise is and some of the reasons for hiring this type of service, you will understand that the chances of needing this type of help are not as rare as you might have thought when you started reading this article.


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