How to drink olive oil on an empty stomach for weight loss and better health

The benefits of olive oil

The main value in its rich composition. The product is a source of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, K, some B vitamins. In addition, it contains healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fats, the intake of which promotes proper metabolism and prevents the occurrence of cholesterol plaques. Olive oil on an empty stomach can help in several ways at once.
Laxative effect.

It has a mild laxative effect and can help those who suffer from constipation without being addictive like stronger medications.

Decreased acidity.

Oil envelops the walls of the stomach and reduces acidity, so it will be an excellent help in the fight against hyperacid gastritis (however, the use of oil does not negate compliance with medical recommendations).

Saturation of the body with vitamins and minerals.

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Due to its rich composition, olive oil allows you to saturate the body with useful substances, which is reflected in the appearance: usually the skin becomes fresher, the condition of nails and hair improves, the person begins to look younger.

Anti-inflammatory effect.

Linoleic acid in the composition stimulates tissue regeneration, and phenol-containing compounds, according to some reports, have an anti-inflammatory effect. The ability to block the activity of COX-1 and COX-2 makes it possible to classify olive oil as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

According to the study: Olive oil is one of the effective means of preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of taking this product before meals

Olive oil drunk on an empty stomach has a positive effect on the work of such human organs and systems:

Stimulation of intestinal motility.

  1. Stimulates intestinal motility. This fact has been scientifically proven, so there should be no doubt;
  2. Prevents all types of cancer associated with the digestive system. Studies have found that the component found in the skin of the olive helps inhibition of cell proliferation, in particular, colon cells with an existing cancer of this part of the intestine;
  3. Promotes the absorption of nutrients.It has also been proven that the consumption of olive oil normalizes the process of moving food from the stomach to the intestines, and by slowing down this process, the absorption of nutrients and digestion of food are improved;
  4. Reduces stomach acidity. The product consists of substances that neutralize the harmful effects of gastric acid causing heartburn and reflux, forms a kind of protective film on the inner walls of the stomach and protects this surface from the negative effects of excess acidity;
  5. It has an effect on the hepatobiliary system. It was found in the laboratory that olive oil (especially the first pressing) is an ideal complement for cleaning the human hepatobiliary system, that is, for cleansing the gallbladder and ducts of this organ, liver and pancreas. Reduces the likelihood of stones in the gallbladder and promotes the dissolution and removal of existing medium-sized stones in this organ;
  6. Helps reduce the negative effects of smoking. To do this, you need to drink 1 teaspoon of olive oil daily with plenty of water. This has a positive effect on the entire body, because the body needs fluids, and it is of paramount importance in removing harmful substances from the body. Oil in this case helps to activate the process of removing excess nicotine content and reduce the negative effects of its effects;
  7. Fights hangover. The use of any dish in which this product is present creates an environment that helps to avoid the absorption of alcohol into the walls of the stomach;
  8. Has an analgesic effect. Research conducted by scientists from Philadelphia (USA) has shown that the Mediterranean diet, which contains a large amount of virgin olive oil, has an analgesic effect similar to that of ibuprofen, analgesics and general use anti-inflammatory drugs.

Why in the morning

Oil is drunk on an empty stomach, before breakfast. It is helpful to drink some water shortly before taking it. The fact is that it is in the morning and on an empty stomach that the human body absorbs food better, so in this case the benefits of the oil will be maximum. Some say that taking the oil in the morning helps to wake up, and if it is used as a remedy for the stomach, the absence of other food will help to have an effect.

The best application recipes

In principle, it is not difficult to choose a regimen for yourself if you know how to drink olive oil and what it can be combined with. It should be noted right away that the olive product goes well with many products, so it’s easy to make a worthy duet. Here are some of the most popular options as a practical example.

Butter with honey

This ancient recipe was used by the Greeks to improve potency in men. But such an alliance is also beneficial for women’s health. The sequence of action is as follows: first you need to drink olive oil (1 tablespoon), then immediately eat a spoonful of honey.

Such a combination will instantly start healing processes in the body. As a variation on the honey theme, there is also such a recipe:

  • Honey – a teaspoon.
  • Lemon juice – a tablespoon.
  • Olive oil – 1 tbsp. l.
  • Water – 200 ml.

In a glass of warm water, you must first dissolve the honey, then add the lemon juice, and lastly add the olive oil. The entire composition is taken at once.

Lemon Butter Cocktail

No less productive is the combination of olive oil with lemon, which is also taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Such a mixture actively cleanses the body of toxins and toxins.

It is prepared from freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive extract. The components are taken equally – 1 liter each. dining room. Given the fact that lemon contains a lot of vitamin “C”, daily intake of such a useful composition will help strengthen immune forces.

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A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can also be used as a dressing for light salads.

How to use oil correctly

There are several options for the correct use of oil. It is usually recommended to mix it with a glass of warm water to make it more comfortable to drink, and add honey to improve the taste. There are rules to make taking olive oil on an empty stomach more beneficial.

The duration of the course is several weeks.

The course of admission is usually several weeks, and it is not recommended to skip drinking these days. After that, you can take a break to repeat it if necessary.

More doesn’t mean better.

Drinking too much oil will only make things worse, so the dose should be calculated with caution: usually, the morning intake includes no more than one tablespoon.

Not all oils are the same.

It is worth choosing an exclusively cold-pressed product stored in a dark bottle: this way more useful properties are preserved. Do not store oil for too long. Prolonged contact with air degrades its quality and reduces its value, which is why it is recommended not to purchase oil in large bottles.

Do not forget about contraindications.

There are contraindications in which it is not recommended to take olive oil. Diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder require prior consultation with a doctor before taking: the oil can affect their course, and this should be discussed with a specialist in advance.

When taken correctly, results can be seen within a few days. However, do not forget that this is a prophylactic and healing agent, and not a medicine, and you should not refuse the medicines prescribed by the doctor in favor of the oil.

Contraindications for use

Taking olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach, you need to know that in some cases it can be harmful to health.

So, with cholelithiasis, large stones can come out, which sometimes leads to blockage of the bile duct, and with some diseases of the stomach and intestines, the condition may worsen due to the irrational use of oil.

If signs of discomfort appear, treatment should be discontinued.

Unbearable nausea after eating: causes and treatments. If you notice such a symptom, then do not be lazy, but take all necessary measures to identify the causes of its occurrence. And here you will learn the principles of the diet for pancreatic pancreatitis.

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Do you want to stop eating sugar? Then the Fit Parade sweetener will help you. Here about it in more detail.

Olive oil recipes

The recipe that you need to use depends on your goals. There are different variations of the useful mixture. Some of them are better for weight loss, some help normalize digestion, some give other effects.

As a laxative.

To use the oil as a laxative, you can drink one tablespoon on an empty stomach. This regimen should be maintained for a week, after which it is recommended to take a break and resume taking it if the state of health requires it. A tablespoon of oil combined with a small amount of lemon juice is sometimes used for hemorrhoids. This makes defecation easier.

For rejuvenation.

Achieving a rejuvenating effect does not necessarily mean drinking on an empty stomach: in this case, the oil can, for example, be added to a salad. The appearance can be improved due to the vitamins that are contained in the oil in any case, they are simply better absorbed before meals.

With gastritis.

Before taking it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, then wait 10 minutes. Only a teaspoon of oil is needed, while lemon is not recommended in case of gastritis. After half an hour you can have breakfast.

For weight loss.

For this purpose, it is recommended to drink a teaspoon of oil half an hour before breakfast. Fatty and nutritious oil gives a feeling of fullness, which prevents you from eating too much.

For cheerfulness.

As an invigorating agent, it is advised to take a teaspoon of oil, washing it down with a glass of water in half with lemon juice. Such a cocktail will help improve well-being and stimulate the digestive system.

To improve the condition of the skin and hair.

50 ml of olive oil combined with a cup of honey and half a cup of lemon juice is a mixture that is taken on an empty stomach as a healthy vitamin supplement that improves skin and hair. Also, olive oil is used externally, rubbing into the skin.

You should not thoughtlessly use this product, give it to children without consulting a specialist, or take it on your own if you have any chronic diseases. In such situations, it is recommended to talk to your doctor.


2 times a week (after 3 days on the 4th) take 60 g of olive oil, adding juice of 1/2 lemon to it. On the 12th day, stones (in dissolved form) are excreted in the urine without any pain. But first, consult a urologist, do an ultrasound of the kidneys!


I did a liver cleanse with olive oil and lemon juice: it turned out that I imagined with horror what would have happened to my health if I had not gotten rid of this muck. I lost 12 kg, my mood improved so much that despite the fact that there was a difficult period in my life, the smile did not leave my face.


How I lost weight: In the morning on an empty stomach, I drank a tablespoon of cold-pressed virgin olive oil. I did this in monthly courses for six months. Each break lasted 2-3 weeks. During childbirth, I weighed 78 kg. immediately after childbirth, she became 7–8 kg lighter. And further weight loss proceeded according to plan.

Olive oil helps you lose weight after childbirth

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No need to eat olive oil with anything, drank a spoon and that’s it. I have been drinking for two months now, the stool has returned to normal, I used to suffer from constipation. I lost 2 kg))) In short, I like it!


Olive oil is very useful and helps in the treatment of certain diseases. However, it should be remembered that even a natural and seemingly safe product has contraindications and precautions. In addition, do not neglect the dosages indicated in the recipes. If you follow these simple conditions, then the pomace will only benefit your body when taken orally.

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