Healthy plate examples

What does it mean to eat healthily? In most cases, it is enough to follow one principle – healthy proportions of the Healthy Diet Plate (according to the recommendations of the WHO, Harvard School of Public Health, USDA, and other reputable organizations).

If you eat within these proportions, most often the main problems can already be solved. It is difficult to sort out sweets if you eat them in the recommended volume of 5-10% of your plate.

The proportions themselves are based on the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate , but the fats and sweets that are drawn and described outside the circle have been included in the overall proportion to understand overall healthy proportions.

Experts recommend sticking to such proportions as a whole at the end of the day.

Buying food in healthy proportions = consuming in healthy proportions

“Fighting” the urge to eat a pack of chips or candy in a locker with willpower is wrong (and, as scientists say, also useless).

Proper nutrition can be much easier to organize for yourself right in the store – after all, what you buy – still eat. Just buy right away in healthy plate proportions.

Here is an example of our typical VkusVilla procurement, spread out according to the proportions of the Healthy Food Plate:

Another example of a “tasteville” purchase – specifically in order to form a Healthy Food Plate without cooking at all (just open, cut or pour boiling water and eat it):

In this case, ready-made products will help: ready-made meals (like a baked breast for example) or, for example, canned food. Ironically, canned food does not contain preservatives, the composition is simple: fish, salt. Moreover, the fish most often not from the farm, but free “range”. And, for example, the cod liver from VkusVilla is generally “made in the sea”, which is generally preferable, especially in most regions of the world who cannot access seafood without first freezing it to deliver it safe and sound.

* We do not recommend leaning on canned food only if you, for example, have high blood pressure and salt in general must be severely limited.

Examples of lunches and dinners by healthy plate proportions

From the products shown above in the purchase, you can make up such “healthy plates” – in the right proportions. Yes, in general, it is recommended to follow the proportions at the end of the day, rather than at every meal.

But if you do it, and for breakfast and for lunch and dinner, you can be sure that you eat the most healthy fo on in – without any analysis, prikidok and calculations.

We like this style and approach to nutrition, based on modern scientific knowledge, it allows you to not count proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the diet, focus on the feeling of hunger / satiety and get macronutrients in the right amount.

If you share this approach, we can offer you a convenient “reminder” of healthy proportions in the form of such a rather large refrigerator magnet (click on the picture leads to OZON ):


This is useful information that is important for the health of you and your loved ones! We wish you good health.

Moderation and variety are the universal healthy answer.

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