7 unusual foods we tried this year

Trying and exploring new flavors is exciting! Therefore, we sometimes take products from VkusVilla that we haven’t eaten before: some of them settle in the diet, and some cause only surprise from the category “who might like this at all ?!” You know the taste and color.

Some of these “seven” did not go, some – on the contrary. Impressions, composition, KBZhU, and photos – below.

1. Smoked quail eggs

Ingredients: quail eggs, iodized salt, sugar, turmeric, dried garlic, mustard powder.

KBZhU per 100 g : 166 kcal, proteins – 12 g, fats – 13 g, carbohydrates – 0.2 g

Impressions :

Lida: “Quail smoked eggs – a discovery. I love the smoked taste very much. And if mixed with fresh cucumber, leafy green salad and sour cream … ”

Maxim: “The eggs are very good – I like the taste of smoked meats since childhood, and here – also in the form of healthy eggs”.

2. Kelp chips

Ingredients : dried white sea kelp, sunflower seeds, dried paprika, dried tomatoes, flax seeds, sea food salt.

KBZhU per 100 g : 550 kcal, proteins – 15.5 g, fats – 34 g, carbohydrates – 28.7 g

Impressions :

Lida: “Kelp chips are interesting. There are also some with onions – but they never came in. ”

Maxim: “I rather like it than not. Therefore, we have already taken them a couple of times. And although they have the same calories as potatoes, they are rich in protein, iodine, and fiber. It is difficult to eat more than 2-3 of these chips. ”

3. Sesame paste with chocolate

Ingredients: ground sesame seeds (60% by weight), dark chocolate (40% by weight).

KBZhU per 100 g : 550 kcal, proteins – 15.3 g, fats – 43.8 g, carbohydrates – 23.8 g

Impressions :

Lida: “Pasta with sesame seeds is wildly tasty, but you have to be able to control yourself. Now, if you make a sweet sandwich with pasta and banana, it is an explosion (or now it is customary to say – cotton), a gastronomic adventure and pleasure. ”

Maxim: “This pasta is from what has settled in the diet. It looks like a regular chocolate paste, but not in taste and composition. In general, there is such a pleasant feeling when you eat something rich in nutrients (within reasonable limits, of course) and the brain is happy to give a few points to the taste for it. ”

4. Hummus with beets

Ingredients: boiled beets, boiled chickpeas, sesame paste, refined sunflower oil, refined sesame oil, salt, dried garlic, ground caraway seeds, lemon juice.

KBZhU per 100 g : 269 ​​kcal, proteins – 7 g, fats – 21 g, carbohydrates – 13 g.

Impressions :

Lida: “For me – a strange taste. First, the taste of beets is felt, then the pea shade covers. Since I am a fan of herring under a fur coat, I expect a salty-fat continuation, but it is not. Until I understood what to combine with to make it wow. ”

Maxim: “Hummus with beets, although in terms of composition,“ beets with hummus ”are so different in culture products that I feel separately – beets, and separately – hummus. It’s interesting to experience it once. It didn’t work. ”

5. Hemp Seed Protein Cand

Ingredients: dried dates, cashews, roasted peanuts, soy protein isolate, raisins, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, hemp seed protein, unrefined almond oil, soy lecithin, antioxidant – ascorbic acid, Himalayan food salt, vanilla extract.

KBZhU per 100 g : 367 kcal, proteins – 19 g, fats – 15 g, carbohydrates – 39 g.

Impressions :

Lida: “Hemp seed candy is the best protein dessert I’ve ever had. And I tried a lot, and this candy pushed the Solvi biscuit out of the first place. ”

Maxim: “Protein candy is the most delicious protein supplement I’ve ever tried. One-piece contains 11 g of protein and about 100 kcal. And I’m already hooked on this candy. Sometimes I take it as a snack. ”

6. Buckwheat drink

Ingredients: Tatar buckwheat

KBZhU per 100 g : 5.2 kcal, proteins – 0.2 g, fats – 0 g, carbohydrates – 1.1 g

Impressions :

Lida: “That’s what I didn’t understand at all – it’s a buckwheat drink. The granules are hard, they are not eaten. At first I thought that they would dissolve when brewing, but no. You drink like liquid buckwheat bread. You can try once, but not more. ”

Maxim: “The feeling that I drink a decoction of buckwheat, but with an interesting, strange, spicy aftertaste. Maybe it will come to someone. ”

7. Apple rings in dark chocolate with sesame seeds

Ingredients: dark chocolate, dried apple, sesame.

KBZhU per 100 g : 360 kcal, proteins – 4 g, fats – 20 g, carbohydrates – 41 g.

Impressions :

Lida: “It was too sweet for me.”

Maxim: “I really liked the combination of dried apples and dark chocolate – it’s too tasty, and therefore it’s not always easy to stop at one. Lida didn’t go and I ate it all with pleasure ”.

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